Nondegree/Community Credit Students

GSLIS is pleased to offer nondegree community credit students an opportunity to take graduate level courses. Formal admission to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is not necessary, but a bachelor's degree is required. Nondegree community credit students may take a maximum of 12 credit hours of GSLIS coursework. Permission to take additional credit hours may be granted in special circumstances (e.g., alumni seeking professional development, school media endorsement), but please note that a maximum of 12 hours may be applied toward a degree upon matriculation.

The period to request permission to enroll in Summer II semester courses ends June 1. For permission to register as a non-degree/community credit student, please complete the Request to Enroll form.

Please contact Tonyia Tidline, director of professional development, at (217) 244-2945 or tidline [at] illinois [dot] edu if you have questions or would like assistance.

Summer 2015 Community Credit Course Offerings

Descriptions of all GSLIS courses are available on our Summer 2015 Course Timetables page.

Summer II: Online (Leep) and On-campus Courses

LIS445LE Information Books & Resources for Youth (2 or 4 hours) Linda Diekman
LIS446LE Fantasy Lit/Media for Youth (2 hours) Alaine Martaus
LIS458LE Instruction and Assistance Systems (2 or 4 hours) Melissa Wong
LIS490BA Collection Development with Artists’ Books (2 hours) Bea Nettles (June 15-19)
LIS502A Libraries, Information & Society (2 or 4 hours) Terry Weech (July 13-August 6)
LIS502LEA Libraries, Information & Society (2 or 4 hours) Leigh Estabrook (July 9-15)
LIS502LEB Libraries, Information & Society (2 or 4 hours) Leigh Estabrook (July 16-22)
LIS504LE Reference and Information Services (4 hours) Melissa Wong
LIS505LE Administration & Management of Libraries & Information Centers (4 hours) Robert Burger
LIS507LE Introduction to Bibliographic Metadata (4 hours) Bobby Bothmann
LIS510LE Adult Public Services (4 hours) Lori Bell
LIS516LE School Library Media Center (2 or 4 hours) Peggy Burton/Anieta Trame
LIS528LE Adult Popular Literature (4 hours) Mary Towner
LIS578LE Technical Services Functions (4 hours) Steve Oberg
LIS590AVL Audiovisual Materials in Libraries and Archives (2 hours) Jimi Jones
LIS590BBL Bookbinding: History, Principles and Practice (2 hours) Andrew Huot
LIS590BCL Rare Book Cataloging (2 hours) Patrick Olson
LIS590CBL Cataloging for School Libraries (2 hours) KR Roberto
LIS590CP Rare Books, Crime & Punishment (2 hours) Travis McDade (June 22-26)
LIS590LG Library Gaming Programs (2 hours) Dave Dubin
LIS590LIL Legal Issues in Libraries and Other Information Settings (2 or 4 hours) Tom Lipinski
LIS590LLL Law Librarianship (2 or 4 hours) Stephanie Davidson
LIS590LW Web Design & Construction for Organizations (4 hours) Tim Offenstein
LIS590LWL Web Design & Construction for Organizations (4 hours) Diane Kovacs
LIS590MGL Project Management (4 hours) Kevin Trainor
LIS590SR Reference Sources for Rare Books (2 hours) Joel Silver (July 13-17)
LIS590YRL Youth Reference Services (2 hours) Betty Bush/Georgeann Burch

Please refer to our Student Guide for important information about taking a course at GSLIS as a nondegree student.

Tuition for academic year 2014-2015 is $1,272 for a two credit-hour course and $2,544 for a four credit-hour course. Note: If you're paying for a class out of your own pocket, don't forget to make use of the Lifelong Learning Tax Credit when you do your income tax at the end of the year. It allows you to take a tax credit for a portion of any money you spend on continuing education.