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Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA) Program and Courses


GSLIS has been selected as a continuing education provider for the American Library Association - Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA) program. The CPLA program is a voluntary post-MLS certification program for public librarians with three years or more of supervisory experience. CPLA certification will enable public library administrators to improve the quality of library service through the provision of practical knowledge and skills essential to successful library management. The CPLA certification program requires participants to demonstrate proficiency in seven of nine competencies, four of which are core standards. Candidates are given five years to complete the course work.

Core standards include:

  • Budget and Finance
  • Management of Technology
  • Organization and Personnel Administration
  • Planning and Management of Buildings

Elective standards include:

  • Current Issues
  • Fundraising and Grantwriting
  • Marketing
  • Politics and Networking
  • Service to Diverse Populations

Listen to a podcast with Jenifer Grady, founding director of ALA-APA, the American Library Association's Allied Professional Association.

Listen to a Certified Public Library Administrator Program graduate: a podcast with Susan Strunk in her own words.

Upcoming Courses

Library Marketing
Dates: May 12 – June 16, 2014
Time: Online asynchronous sessions
Instructor: Elizabeth Garcia, PhD
Cost: $300

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