Other Rare Book Programs

The Rare Book School
-- University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA
Offers 5-day non-credit courses year-round for students and professionals.
Course sampling: Rare Book Cataloging; Introduction to Paleography, 800-1500; Publishers' Bookbindings, 1830-1940; Introduction to Western Codicology; The Art of the Book in Edo and Meiji Japan, 1615-1912.
Full scholarships are offered specifically for underrepresented populations and those just  beginning their careers in Special Collections Librarianship.
Began in 1983 at Columbia and now offers classes in Charlottesville VA, New Haven, CT (Yale), Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C., with sister schools in France and New Zealand.

California Rare Book School
-- University of California - Los Angeles CA
Offers weeklong courses in late summer as a continuing education program for students and professionals. Credit is determined by the student's home institution. 
Course sampling: Special Collections Librarianship: Operations and Administration; Descriptive Bibliography; Donors and Libraries; The Book in the West; Book Illustration Processes to 1900.

Palmer School of Library and Information Science -- Long Island University, Brookville NY
Offers a concentration within their MSLIS program in Rare Books and Special Collections. Four courses (including required courses in Rare Books and Special Collections Librarianship and one in the history of the book) are necessary to complete the concentration.
Course sampling: Humanities Sources and Services; Library Public Relations; Comparative Bibliography; Metadata: Description and Access.

Book History at A&M -- Texas A&M University, College Station TX
Offers a yearly five day workshop on The History of Books and Printing. The workshop is open to anyone interested but is intended for  those with little to no experience in the subject. Courses consist of a hands-on workshop each morning and a free evening lecture open to the public.
Lecture topics sampling: American Publishers' Bindings and the Book trades; "Helpes in their own fieldes and gardens': Early modern women's ownership of English herbals; Printing the Classics: Building a Virgil Collection in the Twenty-First Century.

Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar -- Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO
Offers a one week annual seminar in late summer on antiquarian books.  The seminar is a meeting ground and educational tool for both booksellers and librarians, with a specific focus on antiquarian bookselling.
Lecture and workshop topics sampling: Bibliographic Description; Evaluating and Pricing Books; Technology for the Book Trade; Problems in the Book Trade: Fakes, Forgeries, and Stolen Books.

The London Rare Books School

Offers five day intensive courses in early to mid summer in collaboration with museums and libraries throughout London. Postgraduate credit is offered as well as a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma in the History of the Book.
Course sampling: Mapping Land & Sea before 1800; The Medieval Book; An Introduction to Bibliography; Bookbinding Decoration; Modern First Editions; Children's Books.
Also offers intensive day and half-day classes as the London Paleography Summer School, as well as numerous seminars, lectures, and conferences on the history of books and manuscripts.

Book History Workshop
-- Institut d'Histoire du Livre, Lyon, France
Offers four day seminar courses in either English or French, with sessions held at museums and libraries in Lyon.
Course sampling: Gothic Illuminated Manuscripts in the History of the Book; Introduction to the Study of Incunabula; Printed Ephemera Under the Magnifying Glass; Type, Lettering, and Calligraphy. European offshoot of the Virginia RBS.

Book and Manuscripts Conservation Studio -- St. John the Theologian Monastery, Patmos, Greece
Hosts four five-day seminars (2 practical and 2 theoretical).  Seminars are meant as educational rather than professional development courses, but are aimed at those already familiar with the terms and methods of bookbinding and book production history.
Course sampling: European Bookbinding 1500-1800; Limp and Semi-limp Vellum Bindings;  A Practical Introduction to Byzantine Binding; Byzantine Bookbinding and Bookbinding Documentation.

Montefiascone Project - Summer School of Conservation and Preservation
-- Seminario Barbarigio, Montefiascone, Italy
Runs in conjunction with the conservation project of the Seminario Barbarigio Library. Meant for students and professionals already experienced in book conservation and history who wish to learn more in a hands-on environment of conservation and preservation.
Course sampling: Book handling and refurbishing; Medieval colours; Bugs, insects, and unwanted guests; History of parchment making; Cataloging in a medieval library; Environmental control in libraries and archives.

Australasian Rare Book Summer School -- New Zealand
Annually offers five-day courses tailored for the professional development of those already in the field of Special Collections Librarianship. 
Course sampling: Rare Book Cataloguing; Printing on the Handpress; History of the Chinese Book; implementing Encoded Archival Description. New Zealand branch of the Virginia Rare Book School.