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2006 Student Award Recipents

Posted: May. 15, 2006

Julie Derden is completely professional, and she will make a real impact wherever she goes.

Presented to Richard Urban by Drs. Allen Renear and Carole Palmer:

We are fortunate to have some students arrive with extraordinary skills and experience, but rarely has a student established himself so immediately as a colleague as Richard. Although Richard was a LEEP student, it was as a representative of the Colorado Digitization Program that our research team interacted with him. Richard mobilized his considerable professional experience to make wise and insightful comments in class. His participation in research groups and seminars was always welcome, as his ingenious remarks ensured we had something to puzzle over, and something to learn.

His professional promise lies in his deep interest and understanding of technical and social issues, and I have every expectation that Richard will make advances in improving the value of information resources in museums and libraries and beyond. Not surprisingly, we have accepted Richard into the Doctoral program, where he will continue to remind us just how complicated "stuff" can be.

Faculty Special Award of Merit

Presented to Geoffrey Ross by Drs. David Dubin and Carole Palmer:

From time to time, a student makes a special contribution to GSLIS that may not be within the scope of the established awards, yet deserves public recognition. This year, the Faculty Special Award of Merit goes to Geof Ross for his exceptionally well-integrated understanding of the many diverse concepts, theories, and methods that we teach at GSLIS. Understanding the big picture in such a rapidly evolving field as Library and Information Science is quite a challenge. He demonstrated this integration not only by writing clear and insightful essays, but also by creating elegant and effective programs and designs.

Geoff has impressed us with his high standards, quality work, potential, and talents. We are very pleased to now have him continue on--this time as a student in our Certificate of Advanced Study in Digital Libraries program.

Herbert Goldhor Award for Public Librarianship

Presented to Jennifer Greene by Drs. Betsy Hearne and Christine Jenkins:

Jennifer Greene loves to tell stories to young children! She did it in her previous job at a large bookstore, continued it through her Masters work, and currently practices it as a children's public librarian. She co-authored a website on family literacy and immigrant populations, and gave advice to her fellow students in a paper entitled "Protecting Our Instruments: An Introduction to Practical Vocal Health for Storytellers." Jennifer set a high standard as the first intern at Urbana Free Library and continues to lead the charge as Youth Services Outreach Librarian at the Mount Prospect Public Library in Illinois.

Presented to Margaret Hommel by Drs. Betsy Hearne and Christine Jenkins:

From her editorship at the Cricket magazine group and her work at Melrose Park Public Library, where she initiated several creative teen programs and services, Maggie Hommel brought superlative skills to her graduate assistantship at the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books. In addition to her academic achievements, Maggie's co-creation of a literacy web site expanded on connections between the library world and popular culture. She also created a useful and dynamic website identifying Latino Children's Book Resources, and founded the Young Adult Book Club, which will thrive even as Maggie sallies forth to transform the world of public librarianship for youth.

Peggy Harris Award

Presented to Mark Lindner by Dr. David Dubin:

The personal and professional relationships you form with classmates will be among the most lasting and valuable benefits that you take with you after graduation. Sometimes a student connects with others to the degree that faculty recognize his or her commitment to others, and to the service mission of our school. Mark Lindner is that kind of exemplary colleague, not simply because of his work as a ITD and User services Graduate Assistant, or because he's been active in nearly every student organization, or because the diversity of his coursework has connected him with such a wide circle of comrades. It's because in those, and many other, points of contact Mark has proved to be exceptionally conscientious, supportive, and compassionate. I'm sure each of you who have worked with him can name a time when Mark has gone beyond the call of duty as a coworker or friend.

Congratulations to Mark, and thanks.

Health Sciences Information Management Award

Presented to James Brucker by Dr. Linda Smith:

Jim Brucker is this year's winner of the Health Sciences Information Management Award. In his current position as Instructional Design Librarian at Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University, Jim is drawing on his technical skills, interpersonal skills, and creativity to partner with faculty in the Feinberg School of Medicine in enhancing instruction through applications of technology. He
will be able to draw on lessons learned in LEEP courses like Professor Twidale's Interfaces to Information Systems to improve education and training in the health sciences by using effectively both established and newly-emerging information technologies.

Information Systems/Technologies Award

Presented to Brant Chee by Dr. Les Gasser:

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