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GSLIS is a premier academic institution, ranked number one among LIS schools in the nation, and boasts a multidisciplinary and nationally renowned faculty. GSLIS students are among the best and brightest in higher education today, and they come from around the world to study on campus as well as through our award-winning online education program, known as LEEP.

GSLIS offers employers a number of ways to utilize the talents of its world-class students and alumni, whose intelligence and creativity continually advance the field of library and information science, both at home and abroad.

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Post a Job

To have a job posted to our password protected virtual job board, please send the announcement (as an attachment, a link to the posting, or embedded in the email) to: -lisjobs, at Please contact Roy Brooks, career specialist, with any recruiting related inquiries. 

Practica, Internships, and Alternative Spring Break

Organizations can obtain students currently enrolled in GSLIS programs by sponsoring practica, internships, and alternative spring break opportunities. These students can make a contribution to the organization for a limited time period, without the investment of a full job-search process.


A practicum is a nonpaid experience in which the student earns academic credit for a course (LIS591). Practicum students work for 100 hours in the organization under the guidance of a designated site supervisor, usually for the duration of one semester. Included in the 100 hours is the preparation of a project deliverable. At the end of the practicum, the site supervisor, who has professional qualifications in the area of the practicum activities, prepares a written performance review evaluating the student's work.


An internship is a noncredit experience and may be paid or nonpaid. Internship students may work for any number of hours over any time period. No specific projects or written evaluations are required; organizations are free to negotiate the terms of Internships as desired.

Alternative Spring Break

As part of GSLIS's Alternative Spring Break program, students are available to visit organizations on a one-week internship during the week of spring break, usually in March.


Organizations interested in sponsoring GSLIS students for a practicum, internship, and/or alternative spring break opportunity should contact:

Roy Brooks, career specialist and practicum coordinator
tel. (217) 333-6202, fax (217) 244-3302, E-mail

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