Leep online learning

LEEP_revamp_2013.jpgFor nearly twenty years, GSLIS has been at the cutting edge of online education in LIS. Since its beginning, our popular Leep online learning option has been an innovative hybrid program that combines web-based education with an initial seven-day residency. In addition to the relationships formed through in-person and online interaction with their peers, students benefit from our strong advising program and supportive network of students, instructors, and alumni spanning across the country and globe.

Through Leep, students have access to our nationally-ranked, accredited professional master's degree as well as our Certificate of Advanced Study and K-12 Licensure programs without having to move to campus. Leep students complete the majority of their coursework online in real-time classes, where they interact with teachers and fellow students. Master's students travel to the University of Illinois campus for one week at the beginning of the program to complete one of two core courses and an orientation. This period of face-to-face interactions is instrumental in building community while students are in school and beyond, providing opportunities for developing key relationships while participating in a rich, dynamic classroom experience.

Admission Requirements

Admission via Leep requires applicants to meet the same admission criteria per degree or program.


Leep students pay full tuition charges at the in-state or out-of-state rates, depending on where they reside. Tuition for students in the Leep program is charged per credit hour. Detailed information about tuition and cost can be found on the OCE website.

Students budget for books and supplies, technology upgrades, transportation for campus trips, housing during campus trips, and Internet access. Students are eligible for financial aid such as loans but not for graduate assistantships, which require on-campus residency.


Master's students begin their Leep program with a seven-day campus residency for spring or summer enrollment. 

Campus Housing

Arrangements for accommodations during campus stays are coordinated by GSLIS staff in on-campus housing or hotels. Room rates are per person, and meal tickets and plans are available for purchase.

For More Information

Contact the GSLIS admissions officer with questions about the program or the admissions process at (800) 982-0914 or (217) 333-7197, or see the Future Students section of our website.