Opportunities for Giving

To make a gift to the Graduate School of Library and Information Science right now, simply select the funds you wish to contribute to, scroll down, and click the "Make your gift" button below. You will be redirected to the University of Illinois Foundation's secure Online Giving Site for your personal and credit card information. Please note that other methods of giving are also available; see details below.

Click on the categories to the left below for a list of funds available in each of the areas:

GSLIS Annual Support

The GSLIS Annual Fund supports activities and programs benefiting students, alumni, and faculty throughout the academic year.

Provides unrestricted support to GSLIS.

The Lancaster Fund has been established in honor of Professor Emeritus F. W. "Wilf" Lancaster (1933-2013). Nationally and internationally, Lancaster was recognized as a leader in the field of library and information science through his outstanding contributions as a teacher, writer, and scholar.

This fund is used to support GSLIS.

In honor of former GSLIS adjunct lecturer Taylor Willingham (1957-2011), this fund supports lectures that focus on change management as follows: change can be developed to benefit the community; managing change can give the community a means of control over some unforeseen events; and change management can be organic to the organization and community. Donations to this fund are matched 1:1 by the donors, Susan Kumar (MS ’05) and Parameswaran Kumar.

GSLIS Center Funding

Provides unrestricted support to the director of the CCB, gifts will be matched 1:1 by Lionelle Elsesser (MS ’67) and James Elsesser.

Supports outreach activities for the Center for Children’s Books and the Gryphon Award for children’s literature in GSLIS.

Faculty Support

This fund will eventually support an endowed chair at GSLIS.  Until that time and as money is contributed, it will provide for the naming of one Centennial Scholar per academic year from among the faculty of GSLIS, or from distinguished scholars who may be encouraged to join this faculty on a visiting basis.  When the fund reaches $1M it will be used to endow a professorship at GSLIS.  This award is designed to build on distinction, and to assist scholars to complete work that will make a difference in the library and information science field.

To support studies and/or experimentation which could advance the effectiveness of library service or of education for librarianship at GSLIS.

Support for GSLIS faculty meetings and gatherings that encourage faculty development and collaboration.

Support for a distinguished senior faculty member at GSLIS.

Awards to support and encourage faculty members at the assistant and associate ranks, especially those working towards tenure, and to advanced doctoral students to support research in GSLIS.

Lectures and Special Funding

Financial support for products and equipment utilized in service learning classes, which may be donated to the community organization(s) with which students work.

Used for digital inclusion initiatives at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science for operations, supplies, travel, or student support.

Provides support for costs associated with holding the corporate roundtable four times per year at GSLIS.

Support for GSLIS student travel which may include, but is not limited to, presentations, conferences, alternate spring break, PhD research, and service learning projects. Donations to this fund are matched 1:1 by the donor, Linda Smith.

This fund supports the purchase of new Library and Information Science materials by the Library at Illinois.

Supports two lectures annually in the field of librarianship and its related subjects, by a well-known librarian or bibliographer.

This award is presented by Greenwood Publishing Group and GSLIS.

Used to support GSLIS students interested in working in special libraries, such as libraries that are part of a business or organization or to promote special librarianship to students, vendors, academic researchers, and practitioners/librarians through programs like Alternative Spring Break and Internships.

Used to defray maintenance costs of the William T and Kathryn Luther Henderson Conference Room and/or may be used to support teaching in the following areas: preservation of materials and technical service functions of libraries, archives, information centers, and museums.

Student Fellowships

Provides support for graduate fellowships GSLIS.

Provides support for lectures, scholarships, fellowships at GSLIS, and other expenditures determined by the Executive Committee of the Faculty.

Provides support to graduate students enrolled in GSLIS who have demonstrated financial need.

Support for graduate fellowships at GSLIS.

Provides fellowships for students in GSLIS, preference to students who are residents of Quincy, Illinois.

Provides scholarships and fellowships for students at GSLIS.

Provides assistance for GSLIS students working in the areas of preservation and technical services.

Student Awards

Given annually to a student who shows outstanding promise in the field of literature and library services for youth.

Awarded to the GSLIS student considered in the judgment of the faculty to be the outstanding graduate of the year.

Presented at convocation to a GSLIS student who demonstrates excellence in the field of reference services.

Given at convocation in memory of Edith Harris Camp, to a student who inspires and cares for others with courage, creativity, art, laughter, and friendship.

Awarded to a GSLIS student who exhibits unusual creativity, reflects an innovative spirit, and shows the most promise for an outstanding career in a special library, non-traditional library setting or as an entrepreneur.

Given to a graduate student in library science who demonstrates an especially strong background and interest in science librarianship.

Given annually to a student in GSLIS.

Recognizes an outstanding GSLIS student showing excellence and interest in entering the area of health sciences librarianship.

Recognizes a student who shows great promise to influence the continuing development of public libraries, by the Friends of the Urbana Free Library.

Recognizes the most significant achievement in information systems or application of information technologies by a student.

Given annually to a student who, in the opinion of the faculty, best exhibits the characteristics of a humanist, broadly defined.

Recognizes a student who "caught the spirit" of the library and information science profession while employed in a library setting and chose to enter the master's program. This student must have a strong commitment to return to a professional position in a library setting and help others "catch the spirit."

Given to the student who most exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism, a concern for others and for the welfare of the school.

Given to a student who has shown a special interest in providing or enhancing library and information services to groups whose needs fall outside the parameters of traditional services.

This award is given to the author of a paper or project completed as part of the requirements for one of the library and information science courses in the undergraduate Information Technology Studies (ITS) minor.


Provides scholarships to GSLIS students who wish to pursue a career in public librarianship.

Provides scholarships to graduate students at GSLIS.

Support for a second year master’s student at GSLIS.

Supports graduate students enrolled in GSLIS.

Used to subsidize master's students in GSLIS.attending educational programs and professional events devoted to the history of the graphic and artifactual evidence of books.

Awarded to a female graduate student at GSLIS with financial need.

Provides scholarship support for students in their final year of work leading to a Library Science degree, who are residents of the State of Illinois, preferably those from Highland or Madison County.

Awarded to a master’s student in GSLIS, priority is given to an individual who works in a support position in a library.

Preference is given to students from underrepresented demographic groups.  To apply for this scholarship, please submit an application through the GSLIS Student Funding system (https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/5574731) and indicate your interest in the G. Edward Evans scholarship.

General scholarship fund of GSLIS and the augmentation of resource materials in the Illinois Library System for teaching and research related to developing nations, especially those in Asia and in the Pacific Basin.

Provides support for an outreach student in the Center for Children’s Books (CCB).

Provides scholarships for MS/LIS students enrolled in the Leep online learning option at GSLIS.

Provide scholarship assistance to GSLIS students.

Supports scholarships for students at GSLIS.

Supports graduate students enrolled in GSLIS who express commitment to promoting and enhancing international communications and understanding.

Supports scholarships and fellowships within GSLIS.

Support for a GSLIS master’s degree candidate with the greatest professional promise.

Awarded during summer sessions only to a new student of outstanding promise in the master’s degree program at GSLIS.

Used to provide scholarships to students who are interested in becoming health science librarians or have an interest in science.

Provides scholarships to graduate students working in the Center for Children’s Books and students who are specializing in youth services.

Supports master’s students enrolled in GSLIS. To the extent allowed by law, preference shall be given to students who are United States citizens.

Provides scholarships to graduate students pursuing a degree in library science at GSLIS.

Scholarships to graduate students who are enrolled in the K-12 Library Information Specialist Certification Program.

To advance leadership in the field of library and information science in China. Recipients have demonstrated a commitment to work in the field of library and information science in China.

Provides scholarships to Chinese graduate students enrolled at GSLIS.

Emergency Support for Students

Provides emergency financial assistance for students enrolled at GSLIS.

Provides temporary support to students and support for special student activities.

Doctoral Student Support

Support for doctoral students at GSLIS.

Provides support for doctoral students at GSLIS including, but not limited to, travel, equipment, and tuition. Students must demonstrate financial need.

Supports doctoral students at GSLIS.

Library Science Alumni Association

Provides support for Library School Alumni Association activities.

Ways to give

There are a number of ways to give to the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. These include short-term and long-term options.  We are happy to work with you to determine which option best fits your needs.

Please click on the links below to explore the variety of current and planned gifts available to you. If you have questions and/or would like to make a gift, please contact the Diana Stroud, Assistant Dean for Advancement and Alumni Affairs, at (217) 333-2973 or dstroud [at] illinois.edu.

Thank you for supporting GSLIS!

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Bequests | Retirement Accounts | Life Insurance | Charitable Lead Trusts

Current Gifts

Current gifts are those that are given outright and can be used immediately by GSLIS. These gifts are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes, subject to the limitations placed on charitable gifts by the Internal Revenue Service.

Give with Cash

A gift of cash is a convenient way to give to GSLIS. Simply make your check payable to The University of Illinois Foundation. Make sure to designate the specific fund you would like to receive your gift. Please note the General Fund is an option. You may indicate this in a note or on the memo line of your check.

Give Online

Credit-card based, online gift processing saves times, reduces paperwork and eliminates postage. It's a safe and cost-effective way for you to give to GSLIS. You can use the secure, encrypted online gift transaction system to give—just choose the "Urbana-Champaign-Library and Information Science" option from the selections. Or visit our fund page to choose a specific GSLIS fund.

Give by Mail

If you prefer to use the mail, please send a check or money order, made payable to the University of Illinois Foundation. If you choose to mail your gift, the date of the gift is the postmark date. Send your donation to:

University of Illinois Foundation
1305 West Green Street, MC-386
Urbana, IL 61801

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer is a quick and convenient way to give to GSLIS directly from your bank. Simply fill out the EFT Authorization Form. EFT has been used for years by nonprofit organizations. It allows you to designate the amount of money you want, either in one sum or over time in installments.

Matching Gifts

In many cases, companies will double or triple your generous gift. Find out if your company will match your gift to GSLIS by checking our Matching Gift Corporate List.

Eligible donors for a corporate matching gift may include retired employees, spouses of employees, or widows and widowers of former employees depending on the corporation's giving policy.

Planned Gifts

Planned, or deferred, gifts are the result of careful consideration that integrates a donor's charitable gift into his or her overall financial, tax and estate planning objectives. Planned gifts typically come from a donor's assets rather than income and can be outright gifts, deferred gifts or a combination of the two. For more detailed information on planned gifts, please consult the University of Illinois Foundation.

To recognize alumni and friends who have included a gift for GSLIS in their estate plans, GSLIS has established the Legacy Society. If you have included GSLIS in your estate plans or would like information on this opportunity, contact Diana Stroud, Office of Advancement, at 217-244-9577 or dstroud [at] illinois.edu.

Bequest in a Will or Living Trust

The most common form of planned giving, a bequest, is a gift that is made through a will or living trust. University Departments are often named the beneficiary in the wills and living trusts of University alumni and friends. Bequests may be stated as a percentage of the estate, as the residual of the estate or for a specific dollar amount. Since a will can be changed, no income tax benefits are associated with a bequest; however, the donor's estate is reduced by the amount of the bequest for estate tax purposes.

The following boilerplate language can be used in your will:

"I bequeath to the University of Illinois Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation located in Urbana, Illinois a gift of $XXXX, to be used for the benefit of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign."

If you wish to add such a bequest to your will, please contact Diana Stroud at 217-244-9577 or dstroud [at] illinois.edu so that she can add you to the membership roll of the Legacy Society, a group established to recognize alumni and friends who have included a gift for GSLIS in their estate plans.

Retirement Accounts

A donor can name GSLIS the beneficiary of a retirement account and still have the value be completely tax-deductible. Income taxes on the assets are also avoided since the Foundation is a tax-exempt entity.

Life Insurance

There are three ways to donate with life insurance: a donor can contribute a "paid up" policy to GSLIS and receive an income tax deduction equal to the policy's cash/replacement value; a donor can name GSLIS as primary beneficiary of the policy, saving estate taxes but voiding the income tax deduction; or a donor can name GSLIS as owner and beneficiary of a new policy and receive an income tax deduction for the amount of the premiums paid.

Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead trust allows GSLIS to receive the income from the donor's assets for a specified period of time, after which the asset is transferred back to the donor or to the donor's heirs. A lead trust can reduce gift and estate taxes or provide a charitable deduction for the donor.