Networks & Wireless

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Wired Access

Our wired building network is limited to faculty, staff and researchers using GSLIS-provided computers. There are some wired connections in the building that are accessible to non-GSLIS computers, however. You will be able to identify the wires and the network jacks for these networks by looking for green colored cables or a green dot next to the network jack. Just plugging in to these jacks will let you access sites on the domain. You will need your Active Directory Password and to use the VPN to connect to sites outside the university.

Wireless Access


GSLIS has UIUCnet Wireless Access throughout the building. UIUCNet requires either UIUCnet QuickConnect or CITES VPN authentication.

QuickConnect is the fastest and easiest way to connect to UIUCnet campus wireless. To use this method, simply enable your laptop's wireless network card, set it to detect all available networks, and open a browser window such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.   The first page you try to load will take you to the UIUCnet page for authentication. You will need to have a UIUC Active Directory account to log in to QuickConnect. There are some limitations: not all network ports will be available, and printing to GSLIS printers will not be possible.  To remove these limitations, you may run the VPN service, or connect to the IllinoisNet network instead.

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Virtual Private Networking (VPN) service provides full port access to wireless users on campus, and an on-campus identity to off-campus users. You will need your Active Directory Password.

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If you own a newer computer with WPA2 support provided in both the system and your wireless network card, you may choose to connect via IllinoisNet. The primary advantage of using IllinoisNet is that it stores your credentials and signs in for you, so you won't need to log in whenever you move to a new location.

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CITES also offers Public Wireless access within the LIS building. This is useful if you have guests visiting GSLIS who do not have University NetIDs. Access is limited to general Internet services.

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Short-term wireless guest accounts

If you have guests who need access to the wireless network or who need to use the VPN from locations outside of campus, you can create short term accounts for them. These accounts are usually limited to a three day access period.

Your guest account user name and password lets you connect to the campus network in two ways: through UIUCnet QuickConnect or through the CITES VPN.

QuickConnect will be a good solution for you if:

  • You are on campus.
  • You only need common Internet services: email, web browsing, and some IM clients.

The CITES VPN will be a good solution for you if:

  • You need to connect to UIUCnet from an off-campus location while you're visiting.
  • You need to access types of networking that QuickConnect will not support.

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