Leaving GSLIS

Many accounts and services provided to students, faculty, and staff expire upon leaving campus. This page provides information on account expiration, as well as directions on forwarding your email, signing up for alumni association accounts, and transferring your files off GSLIS servers.

Please make sure to update the contact information GSLIS has for you, including your address, phone number, and email address, by sending an email to: lis-dev [at] illinois [dot] edu.

If you have questions about any of the following, please send email to: help [at] support [dot] lis [dot] illinois [dot] edu.

Email, Box, and Electronic directory

Policies regarding email accounts for graduating students are still in a transitionary period. As of March 2014, students will continue to have access to their exchange email accounts after graduation until further notice. If you leave GSLIS without graduating your email will expire on the 10th day of the first non-summer term for which you do not register for classes.  For detailed information regarding CITES accounts including setting up email forwarding, see the following URL: www.cites.illinois.edu/accounts/leaving.html.

Your entry in the campus electronic phone directory will remain active after your graduation, or one year if you leave campus without graduating.  Email sent to [your_netid]@illinois.edu will be forwarded to whatever address you put in your email field for one year. To edit this field go to the electronic directory editor.

Box, the University’s cloud file storage service, removes access from students who have graduated at the beginning of every fall (exact date varies, ranging between late August and early September). In other words, if you graduated in May you have to move your files before the Fall. If you would like to continue using Box, CITES recommends that you transfer your data from your University account to a new personal account with Box, which is free. Once the new account is made, this can be accomplished by inviting your personal account to share the folders of your University one, then moving the content to whatever folders you desire

Obtaining an Alumni Association Account

You can get information about the Alumni Association and sign up for a free Alumni Association email account at www.illinoisalumni.org.

GSLIS Domain Login

Your GSLIS domain account (used to access Moodle, the classroom servers, and computers in the GSLIS building) will remain active indefinitely. You may be prompted to update your contact information on an annual basis in order to remain active. If your account becomes inactive after an extended period, it will expire, but can be easily restored by request. GSLIS passwords expire annually and must be reset. Please see the GSLIS password page for more information.

File Storage

Effective January 2007, you will have access to files stored on GSLIS servers for two years following graduation. After two years, access to files stored on GSLIS servers will end. It may be possible to retrieve files after this date; however, fees may be associated with this retrieval.  For information on file storage at GSLIS, please view our file storage guide.

Library accounts

Your University library account will expire upon graduation. Select library services are available to members of the Alumni Association. For more information on accessing library resources, please visit the Friends of the Library website.