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Welcome New Students

-help, at
217-244-4903 or 800-377-1892
@gslis_help_desk via Twitter
Room 228 GSLIS

Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm Central

After Hours Contact for
IT Systems and Building

Welcome to GSLIS!  We want to make the technology you use as simple and stable as possible so that you can focus on your studies. That being said, problems will occur and you may need support from time-to-time. We hope you will quickly discover that we are the friendliest support staff you have ever met, and that you can come to us with just about any question you can think to ask!

Checklist for getting started:

  1. Set passwords for your University of Illinois accounts. We know there are a lot, but you can use the same password for all these accounts.
  2. Request a University of Illinois email account. You are expected to have one and you should either check it regularly or forward it to an account you do check.
  3. Review the GSLIS technology tutorials.
  4. Review the GSLIS Mailing Lists and Discussion Forums.
  5. Log in to the GSLIS Intranet (also known as Moodle).
  6. Get access to a computer in the GSLIS building.
  7. Learn how to connect to the wireless network (wifi).
  8. Learn how to print in the GSLIS building.
  9. Learn how to check out laptops and audio/visual equipment.
  10. This is your building and you are welcome to use the resources here. Become familiar with the facilities.
  11. Do you know how to get help?

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