University of Illinois

Committees & Service Responsibilities

Academic Year 2013-2014

Admissions (MS/CAS)

Jon Gant, Chair
Alistair Black
Maria Bonn
Nicole Cooke
Bonnie Mak
Kate McDowell (spring 2014)
Vetle Torvik
Terry Weech (spring 2014)
Allen Renear, ex officio
Penny Ames, staff
Lynn Wiley, library representative


Kathryn LaBarre, Chair
Dave Dubin
Emily Knox
Carol Tilley
Kate Williams
Meg Edwards, ex officio
Karla Lucht, ex officio
Allen Renear, ex officio
Linda Smith, ex officio
Tonyia Tidline, ex officio
Penny Ames, staff
PhD student representative – Colin Rhinesmith
CAS student representative – Amy Atkinson
MS student representative – Berenice Vargas
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Kate McDowell, Chair
Nicole Cooke
Mike Twidale
Linda Smith, ex officio
Amani Ayad, staff
MS student representatives – Kristyn Caragher and Kristine Mirate
PhD student representative – LaTesha Velez
Alumni representative – Miguel Ruiz

Doctoral Studies

Cathy Blake, Chair
Masooda Bashir
Jana Diesner
Les Gasser
Christine Jenkins
Lori Kendall
Stephen Downie, ex officio
Allen Renear, ex officio
PhD student representatives – Noah Lenstra and Shubhanshu Mishra

Editor, The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Deborah Stevenson

Co-Editors, Library Trends

Alistair Black
Boyd Rayward

Editor, Occasional Papers

Don Krummel

Executive Committee

Allen Renear, Chair
Miles Efron, Vice Chair
Carole Palmer
Dan Schiller
Mike Twidale (second year)
Stephen Downie, ex officio
Linda Smith, ex officio

Faculty Senate

Lori Kendall (first term, ends August 2015)
Terry Weech (spring 2014, term ends August 2014)

Inclusive Illinois

Liasion: Amani Ayad
GSLIS student representative: TBD

Library School Alumni Association Liaison

Diana Stroud
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LIS Library Liaison

Kathryn La Barre

Student Group Advisors

ALA – Emily Knox
ASIS&T – Miles Efron
Chinese Group – Lian Ruan
Connections – Karla Lucht
Progressive Librarians Guild –
SAA – Ellen Swain
SLA – Linda Smith
Students of Color – Aisha Conner-Gaten

Teaching Alliance

Nicole Cooke

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