Carole Palmer

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Professor and Director, Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship

PhD, Library and Information Science, Illinois

314 LIS
(217) 244-0653
clpalmer [at] illinois [dot] edu

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Areas of Research

Scientific and scholarly information work; data practices and data curation; user-centered research collections and aggregations; interdisciplinary information use.

Research Projects


The goal of Data Curation Education in Research Centers (DCERC) is to develop a sustainable and transferable model for educating Library and Information Science (LIS) masters and doctoral students in data curation through field experiences in research and data centers. DCERC will establish and implement a graduate research and education program in scientific data curation that will bring students into the real world of scientific data curation, where they will engage with current practices...

Site-Based Data Curation at Yellowstone National Park (SBDC)

The Site-Based Data Curation (SBDC) project is a two-year effort to develop a framework of policies and processes for the curation of “site-based” digital research data that responds to the needs of long-tail science researchers and site managers, and promotes coordination with libraries and data repositories. The SBDC framework will be developed by experts in data curation, research library repositories, domain science, and research site management, providing a curation model that includes...


The overarching goals of the Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC) are to facilitate to emergence of a Web and resource-centric interoperable annotation environment that allows leveraging annotations across the boundaries of annotation clients, annotation servers, and content collections, to demonstrate the utility of this environment, and to see widespread adoption of this environment. To this end the OAC has made available the draft annotation data model and ontology developed during Phase I. OAC Phase II focuses on directly engaging humanities scholars and involving existing collections of digital content that have well-defined communities of scholars interested in annotating such...

Completed Research Projects

Related Topics

Data Curation, Digital Libraries, Librarianship, Scholarly Communication, data curation, biological and health informatics