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Miles Efron

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Associate Professor

PhD, Information and Library Science, North Carolina

302 LIS
(217) 265-0825
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Areas of Research

Information retrieval in emerging domains such as social media and large collections of digitized books; temporal (diachronic) issues in information retrieval; human interactions with information search and retrieval systems.

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Temporal Factors

Time affects information retrieval in many ways. Collections of documents change as new items are indexed. The content of documents themselves may change. Users submit queries at particular moments in time. And perhaps most importantly, people’s assessment of a document’s relevance to a query is often time-dependent. For example, searchers of news archives might seek information on a past event where relevant documents cluster in a window of time. Users of social media services such as...

Language Change in Text Retrieval

In order for older texts to be searchable, contemporary English needs to be translated into language from various historical timeframes. The project will develop software that will let people enter a query in contemporary English, and search over English texts throughout history—from Medieval times to the...

Microblog Search

Microblogging services like Twitter are becoming an important part of how many people manage information in their day to day activities. As microblog traffic increases (Twitter currently sees about 50 million tweets per day) information management and organization will become keen problems in this area. The...

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