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PhD, Computing, Lancaster (UK)

239 LIS
(217) 265-0510
twidale [at] illinois [dot] edu

Areas of Research

Computer-supported cooperative work; collaborative technologies in digital libraries and museums; user interface design and evaluation; open-source usability; information visualization; ubiquitous learning, social learning of technology, rapid prototyping and evaluation.

Other Professional Appointments

Department Affiliate, Computer Science
Research Associate Professor, Information Trust Institute
Fellow, Academy of Entrepreneurial Leadership


Michael Twidale is a professor of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research interests include computer-supported cooperative work, computer-supported collaborative learning, human-computer interaction, information visualization, and museum informatics. Current projects include studies of informal social learning of technology, technological appropriation, metrics for open access, collaborative information retrieval, low-cost information visualization, ubiquitous learning and the usability of open source software. His approach involves the use of interdisciplinary techniques to develop high-speed, low-cost methods to better understand the difficulties people have with existing computer applications and so to design more effective systems.

Teaching this Semester

Research Projects

Transforming Taxonomic Interfaces

The goal of this research is to help researchers develop and use relatively simple tools to describe species in a way that make those descriptions easier to share with other scientists and easier for computers to process and analyze. The approach is bottom-up and iterative, involving the rapid prototyping of tools, combining of existing tools, and the tailoring of applications developed for one purpose but now being reused for this scientific activity.

Completed Research Projects

Selected Publications, Papers, and Presentations

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Hahn, J., Twidale, M., Gutierrez, A., Farivar, R. (2011). Methods for applied mobile digital library research: a framework for extensible wayfinding systems. The Reference Librarian 52 (1/2) 106-116.

Related Topics

Information Organization, Access, and Retrieval, collaborative environments, human-computer interaction, knowledge representation, information visualization, user error analysis, user interface design