Research Services

Welcome to Research Services

GSLIS Research Services supports and promotes the research activities of the School, large or small, funded or unfunded. Specific areas of support include:

  • Project planning and consulting, including identification of funding, services, and other resources, providing assistance with human subject and intellectual property issues, as well as providing general planning support and assistance with promotion to potential partners, agencies, foundations, and corporations.
  • Grant proposal development, including proposal design, identification and approval of cost sharing resources, and budget development.
  • Research administration, including pre-award support for proposal submission processing and proposal budget approval, and post-award management of expenditure compliance, effort certification, financial reporting, and budget alterations.
  • Research policies, including assistance with human subject certification and management of intellectual property agreements.
  • Research computing, including pre-award technology planning, research programming support, software development tools and training, and web communication resources and general technology consulting.

Please visit our Resources for Researchers page for an emerging collection of useful resources including finding funding, proposal development and grant writing, resources for getting started with computing for research projects, and research resources within UIUC.

For Help With


Project Planning and Proposal Development

Including general planning, cost-sharing, research resources development, providing assistance with university policies and procedures.

Susan F. Lafferty
Research Services Coordinator
gslis-rsc [at] illinois [dot] edu

Research Administration

Including pre-award budget development; post-award expenditures and effort certification; post-award cost share issues.
Suzi Harmon
Business Manager
sharmon1 [at] illinois [dot] edu

Strategy, Policy, Problems

Including plans for large projects, ideas for new research services; research agenda planning for junior faculty, and other problems or issues, including cost-sharing approval.
J. Stephen Downie
Associate Dean For Research
jdownie [at] illinois [dot] edu

Not sure whom to contact?
Contact Susan F. Lafferty, Research Services Coordinator (gslis-rsc [at] illinois [dot] edu, 217-333-0284).

Want to talk to the ADR?
Research Services reports to the Associate Dean For Research, J. Stephen Downie (jdownie [at] illinois [dot] edu, 217-265-5018).

Planning a grant proposal?
If you are preparing a grant proposal please send email to Susan F. Lafferty (gslis-rsc [at] illinois [dot] edu, 217-333-0284), cc'ing Suzi Harmon (sharmon1 [at] illinois [dot] edu, 217-333-9812), as early in the process as possible.

Looking for more information?
Please visit our resources page for more information on grant development and writing, funding, and research computing for GSLIS researchers.