Proposal Writing


A collection of GSLIS example text and formats for IMLS proposals. Requires GSLIS login.


Proposal Writer's Guide (Thackrey, University of Michigan)

Clear directions for beginners. Appropriate for all fields and sponsors.

The Art of Grantsmanship (Kraicer, University of Toronto)

Guidelines on grant-writing and managing the proposal process. Written by a professor of medicine, but useful for all areas.

Models of Proposal Planning and Writing (Miner)

Electronic book providing examples of grant proposals, applications, as well as tips. Requires NetID or access from UIUC-based computer.

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal (Levine)

An early article from a leading research development administrator.

The Art of Writing Proposals (Social Science Research Council)

Available as PDF. Includes good general tips useful for most areas.

Proposal Writing Short Course (Foundation Center)

Detailed walk-through of a standard generic proposal structure; aimed at non-profits.

Selected Proposal Examples (University of Tennessee)

A small collection of links to example proposals maintained by the University of Tennessee. Note introductory remarks.


Careful review of the program guidelines from your prospective funding agency is essential. Not only do these contain very specific information regarding proposal structure and other requirements, but agencies will usually eliminate from consideration proposals that do not strictly adhere to their guidelines. Examples of program guidelines and general guides from selected key agencies follow below.

IMLS Resources for Grant Applicants

Includes an overview of the grants application process, examples of successful applications, related tutorials.

NSF Guide for Proposal Writing

Includes information on review process and evaluation criteria, as well as advice to proposal writers.